Child’s Passport without other parent consent

In case of non UK nationals living in England or Wales, the consent of both parents who are on birth certificate is often required in order to obtain a child’s passport.

It happens, for various reasons, that the other parent, with whom the child does not live permanently, does not agree for the child to obtain a passport. Sometimes, the contact between the child’s parents ended long time ago and even his or her address is unknown.
It causes a huge problem in terms of issuing a passport for the child, especially for the UE nationals.
ASK MONTGOMERY- assists in drawing up notarised consent in England and Wales. Contact our Advisor if you want to issue notary consent in the UK to obtain a passport for your child. If you decide to go to the court, our service includes filling in court documentation, writing court statement for the Judge, document translation, providing you with qualified court translator during the court hearings, giving you professional advice and mentoring you through the whole process up to the first hearing.
In case of unexpected complications- additional work will be needed.
In case of difficult and lengthy procedures – the cost of any additional work and extra court fees that you will incur before we undertake the work will be discussed with you.

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