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Divorce & Separation in 3 months

The breakdown of a marriage is a difficult time for all concerned, particularly in the early stages. There can be all sorts of questions about the separation and divorce process, uncertainties about care arrangements for children and financial matters.

Respondent Divorce Advice Service

If you have received a divorce petition from the court on behalf of your spouse called ‘’the Petitioner’’, you will be known as “the Respondent” because it is your role to ‘respond’ to the divorce papers..

Child Arrangements- Live with Order & Contact Order

The primary consideration in any matter concerning children is the best interests of the child. It has been recognised that the child’s best interest are not served by having court orders…

Family Court Assistance

From 1 April 2013 you may be unable to obtain Legal Aid and, without funds, find access to a solicitor to assist you resolve a family dispute; for example with regards to parenting time with your children, separation or divorce…

Child’s Passport without other parent consent

In case of non UK nationals living in England or Wales, the consent of both parents who are on birth certificate is often required in order to obtain a child’s passport. It happens, for various reasons…

Specific Issue Orders SIO

The Court can be asked to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, if the parents/guardians cannot agree, such as the child’s education, religious upbringing, medical treatments and holidays…

Parental Responsibility – Children Act Application

If you are a parent involved in a divorce or other relationship breakdown there are steps that you can take to protect your, and your children’s position. Try to avoid getting into arguments…

Prohibited Steps Orders PSO

These were introduced by the Act and are, in effect, an injunction to stop a parent from doing anything that is considered not to be in the child’s best interests. A non-residential parent with parental responsibility could…

Domestic Abuse

Depending on the particular circumstances of your domestic abuse case, available options include: Applying to the Court for an Injunction. An injunction is a Court Order that a named person should or should not do…

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